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Project Funding ‘Members Bond Scheme’ - Pitch Fencing Initiative 2019/20

To fund specific initiatives, we have set up a ‘Bond Scheme’. Funds from this will be used for specific projects rather than accumulated as capital for general development.

This is how the Scheme will work:

  • ‘Bonds’ will be issued to participating members in multiples of £100 for a 3-year term;

  • Decide how many ‘Bonds’ you want and complete the application form;

  • Submit the completed form and make a payment for the sum invested (see below);

  • You will be issued with a certificate’ confirming your investment and redemption date - 3 years from investment;

  • A month before redemption you will receive a letter asking you to decide to either:

    • Redeem your ‘Bond(s)’; or

    • Write off the value of your ‘Bond(s) the proceeds from which will be consolidated into Club funds;

  • You return the option letter confirming your intention to ‘redeem’ or ‘write off’ and, if required, you will be reimbursed accordingly.

The project chosen on this ‘Bond’ issue is enclosure of the first team pitch. This will afford

  • better security for the pitch, players and spectators;

  • enable compliance with competition rules; and

  • provide a revenue opportunity from advertising fixed to the fencing.

The project has been costed at approximately £3000 and your support for this through participation in this scheme will be much appreciated.

How to Apply

Download, print and complete an application form now:  Click Here for Bond Application Form  . Submit with payment in person, or by post (or pay on-line) as follows:

Ways to Pay:

  • By electronic payment using the Club bank terminal behind the bar in the clubhouse;

  • By online bank transfer to Farnborough RUFC Limited referenced ‘Name’ - Bond Scheme, (get the Club account details from Jak Thomas, whose contact details are on the Contacts page of this website)’;

  • By cheque in favour of  Farnborough RUFC Limited

    • in person to Jak Thomas any other Executive Committee member or

    • deposit behind the bar for attention Jak Thomas; or

    • by post to FRUFC Limited, Tile Barn Close, Cove, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 8LS, For Attention of Jak Thomas.



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