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Farnborough RFC 100 Club

Raising Money for the Club and giving you the chance to WIN !

How To Join

Download an application form (PDF format) click here.

Membership is not restricted to Club Members, Family & friends can also join

Remember you have to be in it to win it !

The Farnborough RUFC 100 Club was founded in the 1970s and is a valuable revenue stream for the Club.

The 100 club is drawn on a monthly basis the cost is £5.00 per month on a standing order. Download an application form (PDF format) click here.

The prizes are:
1st £200.00
2nd £100.00
3rd £50.00

Any profit made after the prizes and bank charges are taken out will go to Farnborough RUFC Ltd funds.

Recent Winners

We now try to pay winners via bank transfer, please email e email Lauren - or see her at the bar. If you need a cheque please let Lauren know. 

April 2021:
1st: Sandra Davies
2nd: John Becklake
3rd: Paul Moroney

March 2021:
1st: Les Ruskell
2nd: Phil Wakeford
3rd: Phil Gibson

February 2021:
1st: Gary Fitchett
2nd: Mick O’D
3rd: Tony Wakeford

January 2021:
1st: Tom Moore
2nd: Colin Allingham
3rd: Paul Carroll

December 2020:
1st: John Docherty
2nd: Dan Cairns
3rd: Andrew Pattison

November 2020:
1st: Tony Wakeford
2nd: Andy Tierney
3rd: Jackie Dobney

October 2020:
1st: Jim Carden
2nd: Eric Camplin
3rd: Colin Simpson

September 2020:
1st: John Becklake
2nd: Steve Greaves
3rd: Robin Moses

August 2020:
1st: Eddie Smith
2nd: John Docherty
3rd: Steve Greaves

July 2020:
1st: Raymond Batey
2nd: Mick O’D
3rd: Mick McDonald

June 2020:
1st: Peter Hannan
2nd: Lyn Davies
3rd: Gary Fitchett

May 2020:
1st: Mick O’D
2nd: Brian Musson
3rd: Chris Collett


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